Wadalba Townhouses

Wadalba is a departure from the style more commonly seen in multi-dwelling residential developments. The client’s brief was to steer clear of the traditional hipped roof project home that is prevalent in the area and challenged us to design an upmarket contemporary new aesthetic for the region.

The task was to provide contemporary townhouses with a combination of 2 – 3 bedrooms.

The design was to be a flat-roofed modern building that could stand apart from the project home-style characteristics prevalent to developments in the surrounding areas.

The intention was to provide quality, spacious, contemporary living spaces. We were not attempting to reproduce a style, but to introduce a refined palette of quality materials that combined subtly would create a building façade that could evoke visions of what is known as architecture.

As with all commercial projects, the conundrum is to find a resolution between, quality, quantity, efficiency, aesthetics, and cost.