North Avoca Hideaway

Our client engaged us to design his new family home and manage the project from concept to completion.

The project presented us with an opportunity to design a home on a very steep vacant lot with views towards Avoca Beach. The brief was to design a modern contemporary home to accommodate the owner’s growing family and design a unique pool and deck that would optimise the natural landscape and leafy valley outlook.

The base of the house will be constructed of stone and concrete to form robust foundations and emulate the natural stone prevalent in the area. As the eye is drawn upward the materials become lighter and more refined. A touch of natural timber adds warmth and visual interest while creating a seamless transition between the master suite and the children’s wing.

The ancient Roman “Domus” provided the inspiration for the planning of the home. A central outdoor space forms the ‘nucleus’ or centre of the home, the hub of daily and social activities. Living and entertainment spaces have a strong indoor/outdoor relationship and encompass the luxury pool and hardcourt paved deck.

Our client is very pleased with the result of our design and we look forward to proceeding with the construction and management of the project.

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