Integrated architecture, interior design and project management services

Collaboration is central to the way we deliver our services at RZK Group – collaboration within our team, collaboration with our clients and collaboration with all parties involved in the delivery of a project.

Individually tailored services

Our services are individually tailored to suit your needs and the logistics of your project. We have the capacity to offer everything from assistance with sourcing the right parcel of land, feasibility studies and needs analysis, to managing the DA process, architectural design, interior design and managing the construction process.

Our tight knit team consists of Architects, Designers and Project Managers who each bring extensive and varied experience and qualifications to your project.

The advantages of this unique collaboration include:

  • The ability to assess the feasibility of your project early (at concept stage) including the:
    • ‘Buildability’ of the design/project,
    • Allocated timeline, and
    • Project budget.
  • Quality control from concept to handover, delivering the potential to save time and money while achieving a premium result.

Contact us to learn more about how working with us from concept to project handover could benefit your project.

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